1000+ Students Enrolled

1000+ Students Enrolled

6 Years Of Expereince

1000+ students enrolled

6 Years Of Experience

You want to speak German ? We want to help you.

1000+ Satisfied Students

What is German with Ritika ?

Beginner to Advanced

German with Ritika is one of the only institutes that offers German language courses for all levels i.e., A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Once you enroll with us, you will not have to look anywhere else

Exam system

Goethe exam training is provided with the courses which enables you to apply for an internationally recognized certificate. If after the course completion you do not give the exam immediately , you can come again later for restudying a few topics and for exam related help without any extra cost.

Affordable Price For You

We provide the best service at the most affordable prices.

Live and online

Our online skype lessons are live. The lessons will be 60 minutes long. These are interactive lessons where students are encouraged to speak a lot of German. Extensive Grammar explanations are provided so that students can finally understand German grammar. Each and every class is recorded helping students revise later.


Students Enrolled

6 Years Of Expereince


Founder, German With Ritika

Hallo , Ich bin Ritika

Born and brought up in New Delhi. I have a masters degree in German and English language. I am a C2 certified German language trainer and trained to teach German all over the world.

Teaching and travelling brings me joy. I have a deep passion for languages , culture, history and food.

I have lived in Germany and worked with Native German speakers in the field of tourism. Prior to this I have worked as an air hostess too. The confidence I developed while working with native German speakers was impeccable. I wanted to use this knowledge and spread what I learned. Hence I created German with Ritika.

Why Learn German ?

  • Make the most of your trips not only in German-speaking countries, but also in many other European countries where German is widely spoken.
  • These courses extend language skills and cultural knowledge.
  • We work with authentic material from German speaking countries and you will learn how to communicate in different kinds of situations.
  • These courses enable you to clear Goethe Institute’s exam providing you with an internationally recognised certificate.
  • Learning German will increase your job opportunities which can improve the quality of both your work and private life.


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A1 - C2 Levels (CEFR)

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What our students are saying about us ?


I have done my A1 with Ritika. She is an excellent teacher.She has a unique way of teaching. The best thing about her is that she loves her job which she can be seen while she is teaching. She is always full of energy. She always motivates her students to do better. I am happy that I found her which has made my journey to learn German easier.

Chiraj Bansal

I spent so much time scrolling through Facebook and asking around to find a relatable German teacher. I came across this one post where Ritika had explained her philosophy and replied to a few trolls on that page. I really enjoyed reading that about her. I instantly asked for a trial class, and I loved it. I liked that the classes had a natural flow and Ritika held the curriculum diverse. She also helped with the exam preparation and all the learning materials.

Anushree Jabalpur

Providing the extra modules and pointers which are quite helpful, the German course with Ritika became all the more fun. I do not get scared of any new topic. She has in depth knowledge of German culture. I am looking forward to starting A2 super soon with her.

Minal Pune

Providing the extra modules and pointers which are quite helpful, the German course with Ritika became all the more fun. I do not get scared of any new topic. She has in depth knowledge of German culture. I am looking forward to starting A2 super soon with her.

Tanvir Singh Delhi

Best guidance and training provided by Ritika, especially with the speaking module. That speaking course boosted my speaking skill and knowledge of native German skills. I would recommend this speaking course to anyone who is planning to come to Germany.

Anosh Amolik Ahmednagar

I am Anosh Amolik, a medical professional, as well as the student of RITIKA'S GERMAN CLASSES. It is the one of the most impacting, self- developing, goal oriented and best institute so far I came across. I never knew I would learn the German language so effectively. Thanks to Ritika for making the language easy and interesting.I am doing my A1 and A2 course with Ritika. Lastly I would suggest everyone to once give it a try, you will not be disappointed for sure

Nandini Killa Mumbai

Learning a language requires consistency and constant motivation and classes with Ritika ensures a combination of both of these things. Her classes are interactive and she ascertains that one understands the grammar topics to the core. Her grammar modules are a cherry on the top. Her methodology is unique and she makes the experience of learning a language wholesome by simply making it seem so easy and likeable! Eternally thankful for her contribution as my German language trainer!

Sachin Bidari Ahmednagar

I'm glad to be using this opportunity to pour in my insights/thoughts on the brand "German with Ritika"! Being a supply chain professional. Incidentally, I was good enough to get in touch with Ritika to start off my journey of learning German just when I needed it the most. At the moment, I've completed level A2 and will be learning level B1 starting from the mid of Sep 2021. I have my strongest recommendation for Ritika and her sense of purpose in helping out people of different facets and fields to meet up their German skill expectations with her ways of teaching and sorting the concepts that keeps the classroom lively, interactive, and fun filled!

Shamal Shinde Ahmednagar

I am Shamal Shinde, I am a teacher by profession at a school, I am doing my A1 course with Ritika. Learning such a hard language is very easy with Ritika, she is an amazing teacher, as I have joined the classes, my interest in learning the language increased more. I can make best use of German language in my career. The way Ritika teaches is just superb, one can understand and learn the language very well and in a short period of time.

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